Oh, God, I need sensitivity training!

Patriots everywhere are mourning Walgreens’ decision to pull the Barack Obama Chia head from store shelves.  The fascist company decided the novelty item did not support their corporatey image.

Hello?  WalGREENs?  Maybe they should change their name to WalYellows!

CNN’s Jeanne Moos found some black folks that thought the matured Obama Chia was too much on the Jheri Curl side (but not personally offensive) and a white woman who was afraid to say the word, “Afro.”

Good Times.  (I made a pun.)

Chia founder Joseph Pedott says patriotism inspired him to create the Chia Obama.  His company Joseph Enterprises makes a point to provide jobs for disabled people.

For the record, if I had a Chia Obaby, I’d love on it.


9 thoughts on “Chia Obama Uprooted from Store Shelves

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  2. I have never owned, nor ever will buy a Chia pet.

    But if I ever did get the notion, this would be the one I would want.

    I wonder if I could invent one that grows weed or mushrooms out of the head?

  3. This is what makes my blood boil about the so called MSM. They play up the non racist and ignore the real racism. This Chia Pet is such a non issue and Walgreens should put it back on the shelves ASAP and tell the MSM to go where the sun don’t shine.

    • And there’s the heft, Redeye. You’re exactly right. What about disproportionate poverty, schools, imprisonment, etc. etc. And they give me a bitch that can’t say, afro.

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