This video was made as a reaction to Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld attempting to insult the Canadian army.  The editor lets the Gutfeld’s audio be the voiceover for Canadian veterans killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan.

If you haven’t heard yet, Gutfeld mocked the notion that Canada has proposed taking a one year leave from military operations in Afghanistan.

Gutfeld asks:

Would Canada be able to get away with this if they didn’t share a border with the most powerful country in the universe?

The editor then cuts to the second plane hitting the Twin Towers.

Gutfeld and Fox News have offered a half-assed apology.  The host thinks he is doing satire….which pretty much offers all the evidence needed to conclude that Fox News Channel is manned by painfully ignorant jackasses from the top down.

CTV covered the story here.  Comedian Tom Green reacts here (which is NOT suitable for work).


7 thoughts on “Greg Gutfeld Takes a Well-Deserved Beating

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  2. Typical: the apology of arrogant pukes (who does this passive voice crap remind me of?).

    My comments may have been misunderstood …? No intent to disrespect the Canadian military or their families …? See? It isn’t his fault, writechic. It’s our fault. I mean, the sophistication of this humor is simply unfathomable because, even with my 7 years of higher education, this brilliant routine went right over MY head. Hellfire, I thought the whole schtick was making fun of the Canadian military … poor Greg should not have to apologize to me for my inability to grasp his super-intellectual frivolity!

    Greg learned how to “apologize” from people who like to say crap like, “Mistakes were made.” Passive-voice bastards.

    • There were dozens of video responses on youtube. This one was probably the angriest…and justifiably so.

  3. How unfortunate–shaking head in disbelief…

    Individuals, whether American, Canadian, men, women, Black, White, etc., who make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that the rest of us live in a safer world, deserve nothing but respect for their unselfishness commitment to creating a peaceful existence for the rest of us on this blue and green planet we call home.

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