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Oh, God.  This is horrible.

Gallows humor reigns supreme in news rooms, and here’s the proof.  This news anchor lost it when the bug-eyed picture of the perp popped up.

(I’m still laughing….tears even!)

So, the suspect, Steven Grant, is accused of chopping up is wife.

I know.  It’s evil and gross.

But here’s what the anchor was probably contending with.  The camera crew on the floor of the studio saw the wild-eyed guy in the mugshot and started laughing.  Or the producer said in her ear, “He looks like a wife chopper-upper”  or “I’d do him.”

Or there was a dog in the studio waiting for adoption in the next news segment, and it jumped on the floor director’s leg and started humping.

Any scenario is possible.


6 thoughts on “Since When is Chopping Up Someone Funny?

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  2. He he… It would be pretty to hard to keep a straight face with the crew and producer — on top of those eyes… But a true news pro would have kept it together.

    • 🙂 I agree, but she’s young. She could have faked a cough or pinched her leg or something.

      That was so bad.

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