Gingrich Now Catholic
Gingrich Gets Religion Again

♪♪  Oooo, He got a brand new soul and a cross of gold  ♪♪

Newt Gingrich is turning Catholic.

For theological purposes that means all those marriages…never happened.

And the adultery?

Never happened.


What hypocrisy?

The Catholic Jesus is just that nice.  So, what’s this all mean to a hollow soul reloaded?

Think the Audacity of Pope!  (Very good, Mr. Buckley!)

Think the 2012 election and Newt Gingrich has a brand new soul.

Think, can he possibly keep it clean for two years in time for the next Presidential campaign?

Only Gingrich could make a Holy Mother church his bitch.  Seriously.


4 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich Reloaded v.2.012

  1. I remember going to a third wedding in a Catholic church about a zillion years ago. See, the bride was Catholic but her first two marriages hadn’t taken place in the church so third time was the charm and also blessed by God. These technicalities are important.

    • She could have also become a nun and been a big ol’ bride of Christ…instead of opting for groom #3. Look what you missed out on, Zen. 😉

  2. How did I miss this juiciness!!!!
    That was AWESOME!!!

    Newt — the future scandal fruit of the Catholic church – wheeee!!!

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