Americas Libido for Outsourcing

America's Libido for Outsourcing

Bend over, Alabama!

Uncle Sam would much rather have a 2¢ condom made in China than a 5¢ condom made in Alabama.

Cuz China is so well known for its quality control?

The U.S. Agency for International Development has snatched its contract from Alatech located in the little town of Eufaula in Alabama…

And it’s a monster blow (sorry) to the company.  They’re looking at a loss of 300 jobs if they “do not turn this thing around” according to Alatech CEO Larry Polvacs.

300 jobs?  Talk about homewreckers!

Alatech is the largest condom production facility in the U.S.

ht Broke Snake (not an innuendo!)


25 thoughts on “Dickish Move by U.S. Gov

    • You’re right, Nonnie. They already whipped that out last time we tried to mount the high horse on human rights issues.

  1. I think you need a condom to use Facebook. How long do you think it will take for me to get kicked off of Facebook? I understand they don’t like self promotion for anything but themselves, unlike MySpace.

    Spread that column around everywhere where I say, “Fuck them” in the end, and see how long it takes for them to contact me?

    Whey they do, I am going to raise a holy stink for not getting my free Nikon D300 from their scam ad, and see how they like that!

    Facebook. Smacebook. More jibber jabber from the programmers who just want a place on Wal-street, no better than the mail scammers of old. If I was in Congress, or on the FCC, they would be toast…

  2. Maybe Levi Johnston used a chinese-made condom. NYC’s Freedom Tower, aka World Trade Center, will also have a chinese-made product: the windows. Cannot wait to see if those windows pop in the same way as the original John Hancock Tower windows popped and dropped upon the heads of good Bostonians scurrying to work below.

    Chinese-made. Just another phrase expanding the meaning of “cheap.”

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