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Rachel, let’s be honest here.  It is just as bad to prevent the investigation and a prosecution of a war crime as its commission because you become part of it….We actually have films of us torturing people…We have Bush officials that have said we have tortured people.  We have interrogators who have said we have tortured people.  The Red Cross has said it.  A host of international organizations have said it.  What is President Obama waiting for?  And I’m afraid the answer is a convenient moment…”

“That’s a perfectly horrible reason not to follow principle.”

“This is the most well-defined and pubicly know crime I’ve seen in my lifetime.”  –Jonathan Turley, Constitutional Law Professor

Turley is so on it.  All of the elements of the case against the Bush administration are just out there floating around and waiting for someone at the Department of Justice with a conscience to put the pieces together.


3 thoughts on “Torture Not Policy Problem, but Legal Problem

  1. great post… still waiting for just ONE voice of conscience at DoJ to step up….

    every day the Bushies walk free, our country loses respectability…

    idk how many more phonecalls i can make, but i’m keeping at it til they bury me… buck fush… i wanna see him, cheney, gonzales, miers and a few other locked up behind bars… and not one of those friendly whitecollar prisons… i’m talking “Hershey Highway County Jail”–type places….

    one love,
    –rev m

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