Jamie Dimon Has No Friends
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If someone can’t buy this man a clue, how about buy him a fucking friend?

Jamie Dimon, Demon, Duh Man (in my best Jamaican accent), the CEO of JP Morgan Chase & Co has stuck his Berluti all up in his grill again:

When I hear the constant vilification of corporate America, I personally don’t understand it.”

Has he checked the economic barometer lately? Ever turned on a TV? Or does he host the sycophant circus?  Seriously.

He just needs a friend…

…and maybe a conscience.

A friend (an image consultant for godssake!) would say, “Psssssst.  Everybody knows Wall Street fucked everybody, and they’re ticked.  Ixnay on the ilificationvay and the ersonallypay I on’tday understanday.”

Instead he has a toadie saying, “Dude.  Naw. Being poor is so much cheaper.  We did these schmucks called the American people a huge ol’ favor.”

ABC got the scoop on how easy it is on people:

Jamie Dimon’s true friend would tell him to have JP Morgan invest in the future of these kids.


5 thoughts on “Jamie Dimon Has No Friends

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  2. He’s on my list of people who need to have their assets frozen and his activities over the past few years investigated.

    I know that sounds a little harsh, and typically I don’t go in for that stuff, and I don’t know if it can even be done constitutionally, but, can’t allow him to move the money before the investigation is done, and I am sure there is probable cause for something, if anyone were interested in looking for it.

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