Boo Hoo Yoo
Build your own Blingee

“The hippies and the protesters ruined my life,” cried little wussy torture boy John Yoo.

Give me a break.   A penchant for the sadistic in writing legal memos turned scrutiny on John Yoo.  A hankering to undo a world wide consensus on the treatment of prisoners made John Yoo’s name synonymous with torture.

And what would he do differently if he had H.G. Wells’ time machine?

You’re gonna love this:

“They [the torture memos] lack a certain polish, I think — would have been better to explain government policy rather than try to give unvarnished, straight-talk legal advice. I certainly would have done that differently.”  AlterNet do Org

He’d pretty up the text.  Awesome.

No wonder Yoo’s colleague is calling for torture boy’s job.

Out of a concern for justice, a concern for humanity, and a concern for our reputation as a university, to dismiss Professor John Yoo from membership in our university.”  Brad DeLong, a UC Berkeley economics professor


Yoo remains the man who believes it is acceptable to crush the testicles of a suspect’s child to get vital information.

I don’t know?  Why is he pariah?


4 thoughts on “500mg of Wussitrol for Yoo

  1. john yoo is an evil f—wad… what’s worse is, he’s one of these little paper-pushing evil henchmen, that actually ENABLES the really fucked up shit to go down…

    thank you so much for staying on top of the yoo developments…

    you rock

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