I can't not look at it!!!

I can't not look at it!!!

"Jesus saves!" says Jesus' Stunt Double.  "Nice to know," says Kat.

"Jesus saves!" says Jesus' Stunt Double. "Nice to know," says Kat.

Still can't not look!

Still can't not look!

Meet Bob, formerly known as Bob “I have a $35K a year coke habit” Hanus.

That’s what his pamphlet says.   Seriously.

Bob Hanus (Oh, yeah, pronounce that bad boy “heinous” cuz life is that good!) has taken to the beaches of Florida this Spring 2009 hoping college types will forgo that piece of ass for a piece of Jesus.

Good luck with that.

Bob found Jesus during a high speed chase.  Police were in hot pursuit.  Bob lost control of his Firebird while zipping along at 70 mph.  He screamed out to the Almighty and just missed a utility pole.  Bob adds,

but slammed into a 6 foot wide oak tree.”

Seriously, Bob, you might rethink your choice of deity.  I mean Krishna prolly coulda covered the pole and tree.

Anyway, Bob and his wife, Cori, roll around with this cross professionally.  Some call him crazy.  He calls it a ministry.


16 thoughts on “Jesus’ Stunt Double

  1. He needs to work on his marketing technique. Had he said “Jesus saves AND thinks that you are making an AWESOME sand castle,” I might have paid more attention.

      • Black comedy. No, wait, it’s a beach, so tan comedy.

        Say, he doesn’t take advertising does he? Little posters stuck to his prop? He could make out.

        Where’s my xanax?

        • You mean like a bumper sticker of your site on his butt?

          If I see him again, I’ll ask…but he’ll probably wanna know if you’ve been saved. Have you? 😈

        • Yeah, a butt sticker, that’ll do it. With a snarling lion face. I like it. I’ll have my people call your people.

          Saved? Me? Hell, I can’t even get laid, never mind saved. When I see the Jehovah’s Witnesses coming up the walk I put on a fright mask and do a booga-booga dance on the porch. Doesn’t work, though. They always come back. With friends. I think they like the dance. I may turn professional. 😯

          Where’s the smilie for ‘atheist’?

    • 😆

      Oh she is my new hero(ine)! Her way is so much more satisfying than my hand grenades and .50 cal mg.

      Less mess to clean up too.

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