Are streakers ever not funny?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from LA (Lower Alabama, Panama City Beach that is).


18 thoughts on “Apropos of Naked

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  2. Yes, streakers are always funny. But only as long as they are moving. If they stop and stand still – then they’re just a freaky naked person and you should avert your eyes.,

  3. ahh… streaking….

    cuz the only thing better than being naked, is being naked and sweaty…

    one love,
    –the rev
    os. i live in one of the very few conservative neighborhoods in Brooklyn NY… when the Big O won the the presidential race I half considered doing one of these…. there’s nothing like some flapping fifth appendage to bring you closer to a neighbor

  4. I do hope everything is ok.

    Normally I don’t take notice of a three-day hiatus. But I do not believe I remember Writechic ever going so long between posts.


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