Poison Prosecutors
America’s Just Not That Into You

So, the U.S. Attorney Scandal was all about purging prosecutors who refused to press charges against Democrats when there was no evidence.

That left a slew of mean ass ideologues who believed in Liberty and Just Us for themselves…evidenced by the statistical anomaly in prosecutions.

President Obama has the power to appoint brand spanking new U.S. Attorneys, about a 100 of them.   So, I don’t know why Obama is proceeding with all the swiftness of molasses rolling down a Canadian hill in January.

I guess.

However, DoJ has never been in greater need of housekeeping!

And some of these bitches are saying they won’t go quietly!

In a Washington Post article, Mark Paoletta who served Bush 41 says,

I would caution the Obama administration against making wholesale removals of U.S. attorneys.”  And such a move, “would unfortunately give the appearance of politicizing these law enforcement positions.”

What’s worse?!?

The appearance of politicization or the reality!



4 thoughts on “U.S. Attorneys Still Poisoning Justice

  1. You crack me up!! ” I can always count on you to make me laugh to keep from crying.

    “Obama is proceeding with all the swiftness of molasses rolling down a Canadian hill in January.”

    One thing I’ve learned about President Obama, when he does make a move he makes a move and not one minute before he’s thought about it and analyzed the situation. He hasn’t been wrong yet, so let’s trust him to do the right thing in his own time and in his own way. We are just going to have to be patient. Patience is a virtue.

  2. yeah this blows my mind a little bit… i think the Big O is trying to calculate how much support he has from his base on this one… so far i’ve noticed a bit of a tendency towards responding to his base, when he sees there’s enough of a critical mass to protect him from blowback… i really do think he’s waiting for the netroots, grassroots and populists to hammer down his door… his popular support is a far bigger source of strength to him than his allies in the gov’t … he really shoulda straightened this out by now… also, when are we gonna see some heads roll for the Attorney firings?

    i really do think its gonna take about 30-50 medium sized, national groups mobilizing their supporters all up in the earholes of every congressman in america…

    rock on… haven’t been able to writeso much lately, but have really enjoyed your posts…

    one love,
    –the notorious r.e.v.

  3. Truly Frightening how Mary Beth Buchanan can go after Tommy Chong because 30 years ago he starred in a comedy movie about Weed called “Up In Smoke.” This was my very first movie. My dad took me to see it at the drive in theater when I was four years old back in 1979. I thought all movies were funny like that. She also prosecuted Attorney/Medical Doctor Cyril Wecht because he disagreed with the Warren Commission on JFK. Even CIA Agent Neil Huntley said Lee Harvey Oswald had been framed.

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