He who is informed by liars tends to lose his shirt.

Jon Stewart’s montage of clips from financial reporters shows you what individual investors are up against when trying to figure out what to do with their money.  No-nothings.  Liars.  Cheerleaders of the financial industry rule the roost…and a weird ass superstition held by business “journalists” against reporting anything that might jinx the prosperity of major financial institutions.

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3 thoughts on “Jon Stewart’s Vivisection of CNBC

  1. I read somewhere that a lot of the CNBC TeeVee Pundit Heads were on the board of directors for Goldman Sachs.

  2. alot of the big name journalists are not necessarily the good journalists… who does reporting from behind a teleprompter?…

    the other thing is these are typically privileged children of privilege interviewing the even richer privileged children of priviledge…
    what a fucking joke that their sorta shit is considered news…

    they are to news what astrology is to astronomy… at best, they’re making uninformed conjenctures about the nature of the universe based on whatever shit is swilling about their craniums on that particular day…

    btw, has all the snow melted yet?

    one love,
    –reverend manny

  3. And some (Rick Santelli) aren’t journalists at all.
    Who needs credentials – OR FACTS – when you can yell louder than everyone and get folks good and riled up.

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