Maybe you’ve heard about Housing Crisis Fail Meisters Countrywide Financial buying up bad mortgages to turn a buck plus a few million?

Nuts, right?

Well, crazy just keeps on giving…  Debt collectors are now targeting the bereaved to pony up the cash for their dead relatives’ unpaid bills.  These are next of kin who have no legal obligation.  The agents call the grieving and simply ask nicely to please pay for dead granny’s, auntie’s, or sibling’s outstanding cellphone or utility bill, credit card or bank payment.

Is this American ingenuity or are people just universally shitty?

Special training is required to hound the family members of dead folks.   And, the business is making a killing.


7 thoughts on “Bring Out Your Dead, Bring Out Your Debt

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  2. Debt collectors will do or say anything. Anything that’s legal and often a lot of things that aren’t, to get a bill paid and they don’t care who pays it.. And they’ll lie. They’re not allowed to, but the collection agencies have found that it works often enough and the consequences small enough that it’s worth it. This isn’t something new. This is not my opinion. I’ve seen it in action forever. The agency I work for now has a consumer debt unit devoted mostly to apprising people of their rights and getting bank accounts unfrozen when they’ve been seized improperly – although there is a brand new law to protect against that. Might be a state law, though. Most collections law are.

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