Rove on Katrina
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“With all due respect, the federal government’s responsibilities were met under Katrina [ emph. mine] which were to provide the immediate assistance, to pluck people off of the roofs.  The people in charge with calling the evacuations are the state and local officials.”  –Karl Rove

Okay, he should be in jail for that alone.

The truth is Louisiana was declared a federal emergency two days before Katrina hit.    The White House press release said,

“Specifically, FEMA is authorized to identify, mobilize, and provide at its discretion, equipment and resources necessary to alleviate the impacts of the emergency.”

Note it doesn’t say, “Dibs on the helicopter rescues!!”

And Louisiana’s Department of Fish and Game were the first responders on scene.

You just know Rove and the Bush Legacy management team have an edict to only invoke the success of the Coast Guard when Katrina HAS to be brought up.

Rove’s remarks come about 4 minutes in:


18 thoughts on “Rove Touts Awesomeness of Katrina Response

  1. holy crap…

    this kind of bold-faced lying is nothing more than what we expect from rove… what a lying, self-serving scumbag…

    a VISION!!!…. I feel it….. I see… I see…. something huge and pink… hold on… its coming to me… it’s huge, and pink and wrinkly…. wait–YES! that huge pink thing is karl rove… I see… I see…. yet another underaged prostitute with rove…. I see …. I see…. I see…. the underaged, but socially-conscious prostitute replacing karl rove’s cyallis with a triple-serving of LSD….

    phew… man that shook me….

    this vision brought to you by Reverend Manny and the good folks in the gov’t, “harassing and entraping since the 4th millenia BCE”

    one love,
    –the reverend

    • From Machiavelli’s Shadow: The Rise and Fall of Karl Rove:

      “Kathleen Blanco, the governor of Louisiana, had been briefed extensively about what to expect when the storm hit, which was why, on the Friday night before the storm reached the coast, she signed papers declaring Louisiana to be in a state of emergency….

      “The first evidence of Rove’s involvement in the Katrina disaster occurred on Tuesday afternoon. “Rove understood what a nightmare this was for the president,” Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana says, “so he went into high gear on the spin thing they’re so good at in the White House. Rove had David Vitter, the Republican senator from Louisiana. I was at a press conference and David Vitter walked up to the mike and said, ‘I just got off the phone with Karl Rove.’ I looked at the governor and she looked at me, like, ‘Why is David Vitter on the phone with Karl Rove?’ I mean, he could have been talking to generals, the president himself, but Rove is just a political hatchet man.”

      It was Rove’s strategy to blame Blanco for everything….operatives started rumors that she never signed the papers for the state of emergency. Which was a big, fat lie, but, huh. Bobby Jindal is now governor. It worked.

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  3. Why is Karl Rove on TeeVee and not appearing before Congress? Maybe Congress should question him on TeeVee. If the mountain won’t go to Mohammed, Mohammed should go to the mountain. Just a thought.

    • The day I hear this pig start squealing will be a happy one.

      It’s just so easy to see through all of this–how the suffering of fellow Americans did not matter a single bit to him.

  4. Here’s a riddle for you: how is it, that when hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets, and spoke out, and wrote against the invasion of Iraq, prior to its occurrence, the Bush administration successfully marginalized them because the media either ignored them or always presented them in an unfavorable light (you know, in the crowd shots, show close-ups of the people who look really “whacky”); yet, when lunatics (and criminals) like Rove and Rush and others speak, they are given a forum and even presented as if they are “dignified?” Or as if they know what the hay they are talking about? Can anybody help me out with that one?

    I think I just broke my keyboard …

    • I remember that day! February 15, 2003. 10 million people gathered in 600 cities around the world:

      I even have pictures of the day framed in my family room.

      Fight’s not over.

  5. I have another riddle for you. Why were Democrats afraid to say Bush stole the 2000 election but Shelby and others can say President Obama was not born in the USA? Remember how the CBC sat on their hands and wouldn’t say a mumbling word about Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004?

  6. Correction, the CBS (Congressional Black Caucus) didn’t sit on their hands, they begged and pleaded for one Senator to stop the certification of the electoral college votes but either they were too skeered or would rather lose than help black folks.

  7. Why is Karl Rove not rotating on a spit somewhere? No, really. When will a warrant be issued for his non-appearance before Congress? I usually don’t bitch too much about Dems slogging through the difficult job of cleaning up the Republican messes. I’m not one for screaming that they’re not doing it fast enough, thoroughly enough, etc. I know these things are more complicated than they appear sometimes. But they subpoenaed him. They knew he might not show. How about a freaking warrant now?

        • Hi Melissa,

          Am still blushing over your last post-thread about Republicans and porn (george “bush” and “d****”cheney), and here I am checking in on your interesting subject matter again tonight and what do we have here?!, Democrats are “pussies”….Didn’t Mr. Cheney tell a Senator to go “***** himself too? Since when has politics turned into an XXX-rated peep-show. Hopefully, President Obama can make politics clean and fit for “G” audiences again. Hope you’re having a great week.

          Hi, Al. 🙂 I only set my comments to 4 deep. So, here I am. All I can say is, it slipped. All of it slipped. But the Rove thing gets me riled. How rotten does something have to be in Denmark before someone officially announces it stinks! You know.

    • Wise assessment, Melissa. We can only “Imagine” what John Lennon so beautifully sang…have a wonderful night.

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