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Rachel Maddow ferrets out the codetalking going on among rightwing nutjobs when they refer to Obama as the Antichrist, a Socialist, and a Commie.  Level-headed people will reject an ad hominem at face value.  But these aren’t just ad hominems.  Rachel refers to what appears to be trite political name calling as a “dog whistle” for those whose world view is tied to the Left Behind series.  If you doubt their influence on a certain portion of culture, know that 65 million copies of the books have been sold.  That’s more than Webster’s Dictionary which has been selling since 1898.

The authors Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye sat down with her for an interview.  Rachel was able to get them to say they don’t believe Obama is the Antichrist (yet), because before the appearance of that character, the rapture (or what my mom calls The Great Snatch) has to occur.


8 thoughts on “Obama Only Anti-Christish

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  2. seriously, how brainwashed do you have to be to actually believe the nonsense these guys spew? it’s frightening that people buy into this hocus-pocus bullshit in the 21st century.

    • I really have to hand it to Rachel straining through the nuttiness to get at the heart of what’s really being said.

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