ht Tullycast

Bill Maher was so on with his New Rules:

  • Stop being star struck by Obama
  • No head shots on real estate signs
  • The iFart
  • Snuggies
  • Twitters

We don’t want to be known as the silly people after all.


7 thoughts on “New Rules with Bill Maher (Feb 27 2009)

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  2. I’ve never been star struck by the Swammy……But I’m with Maher, that no one should put their highly modified…photoshop-eccentric pictures on real estate signs!!! You aint that good lookin’ Petunia pad pusher, so do be tryin to fool me in to thinkin I have a model for an agent.

    • Stringing the silly stuff together as a point to saying this is why we’re in this mess seemed a stroke of genius to me. Less self-indulgence, more thinking like a citizen. It may be didactic, but I think he’s right.

  3. Bill says just enough to entice progressives to think he is one of them.

    He isn’t.

    He covers for Israel, even though he is anti-religion. He covers for zionism and treats those who suspect our own government for some kind of conspiracy or hand in 9/11.

    From this guy, the smart ass that points out each and every conceivable conspiracy, I do not trust him.

    He can be funny, I’ll give you that.
    At times.

    • I’m sure I’m not with any one person 100%. But he fills a niche for culture for purposes of balance. And he’s had the balls to point out why the christian crazies are so pro-Israel….so, that the Jews will be one place making it easier for Jesus to annihilate their asses. He’s completely spot on when he calls that sort of thinking mental illness.

      He’s a libertarian. And I usually get along well with them even though I think they’re a little bit nuts. They aren’t as nuts as the tongue-wagging holy rollers.

  4. hahhaa… i’m glad maher’s back… also agree with buelahman though… bill maher is staunchly centrist…. i would only call him a progressive in comparison to a neocon….

    but damn the dude’s funny sometimes…

    and you know what? maybe its important for people to see how pissed off even the centrists are with the way things have been going….

    thanks for posting…

    one love,
    –reverend manny
    p.s. i totally agree with the punchline/overarching thesis of these New Rules… i.e.: we as americans need to start learning how to do and make things again..

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