Dobson Saves
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JESUS SAVES….himself a lot of headaches by giving this jackass the divine boot!  (Right, Cookie?)

James I-hate-your-mom Dobson told his professionally hating worker bees that he will no longer chair Focus of the Family because it’s time for someone else to ascend the throne of hate.

No.  Not Jesus.  As if…

Dobson will now focus on radio and hate speech.


Focus on the Family almost spent themselves into a vow of poverty by pouring $600,000 into their “Destroy the Happiness of Gay People” campaign during election season.

Retribution was terrible and swift as about 15% of the work force found out they were being fired in November after the campaign was successful.  Suckas!!!

Dobson’s other victims include faiths that aren’t his, the First Amendment, the Girl Scouts, and the villainous SpongeBob Squarepants.


4 thoughts on “Jackass for Jesus Resigns

  1. Ah, yes.Get out while the getting’s good and while Fox News is stil around to help publicize your latest book, all hate all the time radio show, hate lecture tour and other enterprises.

  2. i’ve always had a real quick gag reflex for dobson and his self-righteous homies at Focus on the Family. Personally I think this is

    a) a huge tax and/or fraud scandal


    b) a huge sex and/or child porn scandal….

    It does say something majestic about the American dream. Where else but here could such an impressively stupid and hateful person make SOOO much money off other impressively stupid and hateful people? I mean the packaging and marketing involved would be a thing of wonder if it wasn’t for such useless and brain-softening ends… i mean there’s books with religious hate and ignorance, music with religious hate and ignorance, movies with religious hate and ignorance, radio shows with religious hate and ignorance, t-shirts with religious hate and ignorance, ads on tv with religious hate and ignorance, legislation with religious hate and ignorance, public figures full of religious hate and ignorance, etc. etc. etc..

    I mean really… Focus on the Family is like the Tyco or Nabisco of Religious Hate and Ignorance… anything from candy to bombs… if it involves Religious Hate and Ignorance in America–there’s Focus on the Family….

    what do we get here? sixty or seventy orbits on the little rock spinning around the big ball of fire–then we’re done… these FoF fuckers can suck a fat one for making our few spins on this gassy blue space ship of ours so much more miserable…

    So I have an idea… let’s get all the fundamentalists together in a nice square state like iowa….. give em all the guns and grenades they want… since they ALL think they’ll go to heaven for fighting the good fight… let em kill the shit out of each other to prove who’s right…. winners go to heaven… losers go to heaven… win-win right?

    as for the rest of us… how much less douchey would the world then be?

    One Love, One Hope, One Struggle,
    –Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

  3. Hello? The product is invisible even.

    Since you can’t pull a toothpick out of his butt with a tractor, I’m thinking the trustees decided he was tarnishing the brand.

    I keep declaring they should universally disband, but nobody listens to me.

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