From the guys who brought you Raising Arizona:

Where I live, about 3000 pounds of mercury is pumped into the air we breathe annually via coal burning plants.

Yay, Alabama, we’re #1 in pollution!

Here are the lowdown and filthy facts on Clean Coal:

  • While the coal industry has spent millions of dollars advertising clean coal, not a single clean coal plant has been built.
  • No, power plant in America has commercial installed a carbon capture system.
  • Almost every clean coal plant proposed will pump 100% of its CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • The EPA says coal is the number one source of global warming pollution.
  • Burning coal is the dirtiest and most poisonous way of producing electricity.
  • The EPA says the pollution output of coal is greater than all cars and trucks in the U.S. combined.
  • An investment in wind power would create 3 times the number of jobs as a clean coal industry.

Alabama-Mercury Poisoning
Glitter Graphics


4 thoughts on “Clean Coal Air Freshener

  1. Hi Melissa,

    Sorry to hear about Alabama’s “distinction” /designation as number one in unclean air. You guys deserve better.

  2. SING IT!
    (Bel Biv DeVoe style)

    Writechic I must warn you
    I sense something strange in my mind
    Yeah yo situation is serious
    Let’s cure it ’cause we’re running out of time


    That state is poison
    Never trust a big lump and smile
    That state is poison poison

    ACK — now that song will be in my head all night!

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