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A synagogue in Dothan, Alabama has a stimulus package for you if you happen to be Jewish.  The Temple Emanu-el is offering $50,000 to families who agree to relocate to the small southern town and take an active role in the congregation.

Where do I convert?

Applicants are screened to weed out the freaks.  Home visits and criminal background checks are part of the application process.


Temple member Larry Blumberg put up the funds.  He believed the congregation was headed for extinction and needed an infusion of fresh blood.  A million dollars is set aside for this program.

Doing the math.

Still doing the math…

That’s 20 families.


5 thoughts on “♪ Schlep on Down to Dixie ♪

  1. Is it reform, conservative or orthodox? If it’s either of the first two, consider a conversion. As religions go it makes as much sense as any. If I was doing anything about an affiliation I think I’d go that way even though I’m Jewish on the wrong side of the family. Right now, for 50k, I’d even consider keeping Kosher, which is kind of a pain in the ass.

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