The Daily Show’s Jason Jones learns that when a charismatic, intelligent leader captures the public’s imagination, it can only mean one thing. He’s either Hitler or the Antichrist…and bisexual.

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6 thoughts on “Craziest of the Crazies Galvanize Against Obama the Anti-Christ (or Hitler)

  1. oh god… everytime i think i’ve met the dumbest person in the world, I turn around and hear another religious person spewing nonsense…

    thanks, religion, for showing us how far back the bell curve really goes…


    we are doomed… but not by any anti-christ…. we are doomed by our own fucking self-obsession, ignorance, national propensity for self-serving violence and/or profiteering…

    one last point… as a kid I was thrown out of many a religious class…. and I do remember this from one class where we looked at bastardization of words or concepts in modern biblical conceptions….

    for example… armageddon is not an event… its a valley that’s shaped like a bowl…. the Anti-Christ is not the Exact-Opposite-of-Christ… instead, the Anti-Christ means the Christ-Before-Christ in both Latin and Aramaic… for example…. anti-pasta, comes before the pasta?

    but those are facts

    but what are facts in the face of faith…

    one love,
    –reverend manny

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