Gingrich Twitter Wars
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One, Two, Three, Four,  Republicans declare a Twitter war.

Remember that guy who put a “Contract on America” and asked his wife for a divorce while she was in a hospital bed with cancer?  Yeah, Newt Gingrich.

He’s twittering his little spot (where a heart goes) out…answering the conservative battle cry to dominate on http://twitter.com.

Gingrich used his tweets to cap on Democrats:

Nobody messes with joe and the smiles and nancy handshake resembled a democratic pep rally not a state of the union–sophomoric and silly.”

Never saw that coming.

Representative John Culberson (R-TX) sat  with Congress as part of the audience and tweeted it up:

‘Let’s do whatever proves necessary?’ Again he [Obama] expresses no governing or guiding principles.”

“Hold onto your wallet, America.”

“We are at war — seems to me honoring our troops should come on page one rather than at the end of the speech.”

Wow, these 140 character messages are a huge ol’ contribution to The Great Conversation.

GOPers will be dominating in no time. (Heh? Heh?  Catch that double meaning there?)


5 thoughts on “Republican’s Twitterpated Battle Cry

  1. He’s a moron and is a sad example of why his party is a minority.

    I support our troops, as do we all, but the purpose of last night’s speech was to address DOMESTIC ISSUES and that includes this new Great Depression we are all struggling with and how to right our economy again.

    Contrary to the GOP view — war is not always the cause, answer, solution or focus. Some other things actually need to be addressed from time to time.

    Saluting the troops was a nicety of last night’s speech but — and I say this in my best daughter of a retired Air Force Colonel, sister-in-law of an active Army First Sergeant and daughter-in-law of a retired Marine Sergeant voice — was not only not necessary but completely beside the point.

    Newt = GOP = Out of Touch (and hopefully soon out of office).

  2. Where was the anti-sophomoric/silly twitterer during the halcyon days of “Bring it on?” Guess Newt unloaded with that “sophomoric and silly” phrase a hair too soon. He should have saved it for the idjit Republican who actually had the gall to heckle the president … or, better still, for Bobby “Gah-ah-ah-lay” Jindal.

    Still waiting for the GOP to offer some … whaddaycallem … oh, writechic, you know what I’m talking about … the …OH! SOME IDEAS! Ideas! You know, to help us out this crisis. I think I know where this has gone off the rails. Dear Republicans: the word “ideas” is not an abbreviation for “Ideological ramblings.” I promise.

  3. Chicks, I am cheering you like Speaker Pelosi cheers children’s healthcare and veterans benefits. Yay!!!

    (we need an emoticon with pompoms!)

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