A Guantanamo prisoner whose account of torture is particularly cruel has been freed and is back in the UK.  Binyam Mohamed’s case sparked controversy in early February 2009 when British foreign secretary David Miliband told his nation’s high court that the US threatened to withhold critical intelligence if evidence supporting Mohamed’s claims was released.  (Miliband then quickly made a retraction.)

Mohamed was accused of attending an al-Qaeda training camp; however, he was never charged with a crime.

The former GITMO prisoner’s attorney, Lt. Col. Yvonne Bradley thanked the current U.S. administration for her client’s release.  She had recently expressed concern Mohamed would come out of Guantanamo in a coffin.


4 thoughts on “Binyam Mohamed Released From Guantanamo

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  2. Their ilk … would that be the ilk that gets accused, imprisoned and tortured but never charged with a crime? That ilk?

    Oh wait — you mean the fact that you believe — with no proof, charges or testimony — that he might possibly, kind of, in some way be someone of Muslim background (and therefore a terrorist, of course)?

    Ooooo — yes, because they’re ALL fanatics, right? LIke those pesky Protestants, those conniving Catholics and those bastard Baptists?!?
    Yeeeaahh – I can see how stereotyping and generalizing can make you nervous (emphasis on YOU).

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