Jesus Fires Employees
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Jesus is handing out pink slips in North Carolina.

About 10% of the staff at Billy Graham’s Evangelistic Association are victims of the organization’s budget cuts. A representative blames “relatively flat” contributions and a downturn in book sales.

In uncertain times, the message of God’s love is more relevant than ever,” he said.

To which fired folks replied,

Piss off.”

Full-time employees who are laid off will get a month’s notice, a severance package, and “outplacement,” and spiritual counseling.

The Son of God is going easier on the Billy Graham ministries than he went on Focus on the Family.  They got the ax as a Christmas present from baby Jesus.


8 thoughts on “Jesus Laying Off Annoying Disciples

  1. Bwaaahaaahaaa! I feel sooo much better. and the pic is too much.

    this is way off topic, but I saw it and my first thought was ZOMG! Writechic must see this! In S.C. 33 of 124 of their state reps support building a dead fetus monument to memorialize “all the S.C. children who lost their lives before birth.” That’s an absurdly high level of support, especially in these desperate times. It is possible that they are viewing this as a serious idea.

    There’s some stuff in the same piece about Guantanamo detainees being moved to the Charleston naval brig.


  2. How did that ad go, Ian?

    Ideal candidate must have two weapons: fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency…3 weapons. Fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, and an almost fanatical devotion to deity. Four weapons!

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