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UC Berkeley staffs a guy who tried to legally justify torture, John Yoo.  UC Davis is picking up the pieces with The Guantanamo Testimonials Project.  Specialist Brandon Neely offered up his experience as a GITMO guard to the project.  Above he tells Rachel Maddow part of his story.

Neely guarded the Australian prisoner David Hicks (who has said very little since being returned to his country).  Neely said Hicks told him “he was sold to the Americans for $1500 (there were many detainees during my time at Guantanamo who stated that they had been sold as well to the Americans; they said that the more valuable the Americans thought you were, the more they payed for them).”

This is consistent with other accounts that the terrorist roundup in Afghanistan amounted to a profit-making venture for the Northern Alliance and tribal warlords.  Head count was more important than evidence, quantity trumped quality.

Neely’s whole story is here.


8 thoughts on “Guantanamo Guard Bucks the Official Story

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  2. Hey, FD. A woman I worked with actually pitched that Cheney-Rumsfeld line…”the detainees are living on a hill in the tropics with constant warm sea breezes.” (This was a news station in Alabama). I asked back, “You are talking about the people in the chain-linked humane society type dog kennels, right?” But that was futile. And damned if I could get an editor there to give me video that wasn’t State Department issue sterile bull shit.

    In his testimony, Neely touches on the failure of the U.S. to obey the Fourth Geneva Convention on custody of suspected child soldiers.

    Plus, the account of a medic punching a prisoner in the face is about as counterintuitive a notion as I have ever heard.

    The sooner this place is shut down. The better. And a little accountability would be fucking grand.

  3. btw, i’ve had to work in a newsroom where like two to five douchers ran everything… i mean really 5 guys with groupthink so dense they basically added to one crazen moron,.. unfortunately they usually lean center-right… i think when i freelanced for the brooklyn ****** it was the worst. Almost like they were “state issue” conservatives. Talking Points memorized to a perfect T.

    Superkidos to you for sticking it out in the journalism world. It’s amazing how much less talent there around the very top. It’s part of why our profession is doomed if it doesn’t catch up to reality pretty fucking soon.

    One Love,
    –el revola

  4. I hear ya, man. That was my experience. Some day (when the urchins stop sucking the very life out of me), I wanna write big fictiony stories where I can MAKE UP the crazy stuff instead of witnessing it.

  5. The story the guard gave left me feeling hollow and anguished. We (the American people) have done a very bad thing. Some of us still make excuses for what we’ve done. Humans suck. But then, as always, some people will do the right thing. I appreciate what the guard is doing. I hope his honest testimony helps.

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