Racism sells, baby!

Racism sells, baby!

Not only does the Fox News’ New York Post get to marry President Obama’s first signed law to the shooting of a chimpanzee gone wild… They also get to slap around Al Sharpton.

It’s a bigoted AWESOME twofer kind of day.

And Middle Man lamented Thatch, Jr.’s Golliwog.   By God, America has nearly a party and a newspaper dedicated to this refuse.

Update:  Seems a New York Post associate editor is distancing herself from the cartoon:

Thank you for your feedback,” reads the email. “Please know that I had nothing to do with the Sean Delonas cartoon. I neither commissioned or approved it. I saw it in the paper yesterday with the rest of the world. And, I have raised my objections to management. –Sandra Guzman.” (courtesy:  Sam Stein)

Update #2:  A half-assed apology.


10 thoughts on “A Bigoted Awesome Two-fer at the New York Post

  1. Media types love pushing buttons, Tim. They don’t care.

    …Unless it hits them in the moneymaker.

    YOU, my friend, are best talking to people who have souls.

  2. Shaking my head in utter disbelief of the insensitiveness of the cartoonist and the editor. What next an image of King Kong sitting in the Oval Office scratching his head as he contemplates how best to handle the slumping economy and manage two wars abroad?! Good grief!

  3. I think Delonas desperately wants to be Barry Blitt … except he doesn’t have the clever gene (or the irreverent one or the satirical one or the capable one …)
    … just the bigot one …

  4. this was so disgusting…
    their defense was even worse… fuck that shit… they know perfectly well what they’re doing… they’re News Corp and they’ve been doing this sort of shit for years…

    you don’t think a whole buncha racist asshole cops are gonna have this taped to the inside of their locker?

    fucking disgusting… i’m currently trying to talk all my friends in ending their offices subscription to that racist, lying piece of shit rag…

    I remember being a CUNY activist back in the hey and we would hold these big peaceful rallies, with singing, poetry, speakers, etc… all in favor of lowering tuition and creating a support system (i.e. day care, healthcare) for those who work and go to school (which happens alot in NYC)… the next day there’d be some terrible blurb about some rowdy rally… I’m like… “wtf? our rally was on the same block as the one they described… but I didn’t see anyone yelling violent shit at the cops!”…

    bleh… fuck the post <–long and short of it

    one love,
    –reverend manny and the twilight empire

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