Karl Rove has been practicing being full of shit.

Look, Mom, no stutters!  Cf. and contrast the interview with Stephanopoulus.

“We have offered 5 separate times to the House Judiciary Committee to help provide them they want in a way that protects any Presidents privilege in this regard. ”  Rove (Fox News Employee) to Chris Wallace (Fox News Employee)

Rove says he will talk, but he won’t testify under oath with Jesus looking on.

“…again I repeat, 5 separate times we’ve offered the House Judiciary Committee an opportunity to ask the questions they wanna ask and have them answered in a way that keeps..puts me at risk if I mislead them, but protects the form of the President’s privilege.  And they’ve refused each and every time.  Blah, blah, blah, I’m ugly with chin for two days and villain hair.”

The Obama White House, thus far, is saying, work it out, gang.

And I’m thinking, what a crock of shit.  The politicization of DoJ via the firing of  U.S. Attorneys and annihilating a politcal opponent have nothing to do with executive privilege.


7 thoughts on “Rove Fixes His Stutter

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  2. oh man… ever since the RNC ran out of funding, I’ve seen alot less of these Repubo-Trolls… hmm… guess they still have SOME cash…

    personally, I think sometime in the next week or two, the Netroots should just start hammering in the doors of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Republican and Democrat members of that committe really need to start hearing us on this stuff…

    the prosecution of bush, rove, gonzalez and especially Rummy is truly a key moment for our civilization… how are we gonna react to criminal leadership?…

    argh… I hope Rove chokes on a hooker…

    one love,
    –reverend manny
    btw great friggin catch… mega-super kudos to you for the juxtaposition…

  3. Yeah, her repubes are totally showing….6 inchers and straight.


    Rove’s worked himself snugly into the butthole of power. Gonna take more than a few chains and a tractor to pull him out.

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