"By their fruits you will know them and shit." Matt. 7:16

Newsweek says the Department of Justice’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) has former Bush Adminstration officials anxious (read terrified!!!).

Jay I-just-love-me-some-inquisition-style-justice Bybee and John Let’s-crush-the-suspect’s-child’s-testicles Yoo gave the sort of legal advice that might have fallen short of what’s legal and ethical.

Yeah, can I have a big, freakin’ duh.

Top toadies, former AG Michael Mukasey and his deputy, Mark Filip, “strongly objected” to OPR’s early findings.

Oh, but guess what…Mukasey is out, and the new guy, Eric “Waterboarding is torture” Holder is in.  Holder will be the one who receives the final version of the report.

Good job, OPR, waiting until the toadies made their exit.

Hopefully, it will all end up in the hands of appropriate bar associations.  The public may even get a copy.


Watch Rachel Maddow break it down.


4 thoughts on “♪♪ Down with OPR? Yeah, You Are. ♪♪

  1. Smoke a joint, forge a check, and go to prison for up to 10 years.

    Find supposed loopholes to justify and perpetrate war crimes and you do speaking engagements around America.

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