Here’s the video, you’ll be waking up to…

New York State police say all 48 people aboard a Continental Express flight are dead.   The plane crashed into a house in the Buffalo area.

About 12 residences near the crash site had to be evacuated.

Update: 50 dead.  Beverly Eckert, a 9/11 widow is one of the victims. Eckert had met with President Obama last week.


9 thoughts on “Plane Crash in Buffalo

  1. I saw that this morning – CNN was confirming Eckert was on that flight.
    Just tragic … they were theorizing ice on the wings caused the crash but it was, of course, way too soon to know …

    Friday the 13th

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  3. I’m down with superstition! Only yesterday I picked up two pennies off the road while reciting the “see a penny” rhyme. 😉

  4. “A former collegiate swimmer who was “full of promise and vitality.” A South Buffalo resident remembered as the “rock” of her large family. A co-pilot two years out of college. A human rights official known for her expertise on the Rwanda genocide.” -CNN

    Thank you for your comments and sentiments, Al. It’s a lot of heartache for a lot of people.

  5. You’re welcome, Melissa. Interesting blog here. Best wishes with your personal and professional endeavors as you get use to your new role outside of the industry. Good Luck!

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