President Obama sets an outrageous precedent with two economic miracles at his town hall meeting.

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5 thoughts on “Fort Myers Miracle

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  2. Dear Mr. President,
    I am one of the many American who has a shitty landlord. Please come down and smite his lazy ass. He’s cheap as well and should be punished verily until his might powergut protruteth less. Also…. can I get a coupla mil to start a mag? And a BB gun?

    Thanks President O!!

    Oh… ending our policy of American exceptionalist, stopping the exploitation of the people that build and improve the world, helping the 1.1 billion people that live on less than a dollar a day on the planet, ending torture, genocide, and that bastard Clay Aiken’s career… all that’d be really cool too…

    but especially the BB gun…

    ok, thanks…

    signed your,
    –suddenly patriotic

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