Urine for a Surprise!
Wee Bit Revolting

And here I felt guilty about conspiring to get a kid to drink pee when I was a wretched wee one. We brats were ahead of our time!

Some zealous Hindus believe cow urine is the next latest craze in soft drinks.   The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh corporation, haters of all things Western, are researching the bovine pee in laboratories right now believing excretions from a sacred cow are infinitely better than Coke or Pepsi.


The product tests are expected to be finished in a few months.  Apparently, some Hindus throw back cow piss chasers during religious festivals and have been doing it for a long time.  They say cattle pee fights diseases like cancer, diabetes, and 60+ other ailments.

The company is even contemplating marketing their shit piss internationally.

Lucky us.


7 thoughts on “Urine for a Surprise!

  1. Did I sound pissy, Suzanne? Probably all of those years I spent in Future Farmers of America. 😉

    (Cookie, I was thinking Coors.)

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