Meet my new political crush:

Speaker Pelosi was kind enough to catch this clip of Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA) simultaneously tearing 8 CEO’s a new asshole during the House Financial Services Committee hearing on TARP accountability.  Let’s just jump right in:

Basically, you come to us today on your bicycles, after buying Girl Scout Cookies and helping out Mother Teresa, telling us, ‘we’re sorry…we didn’t mean it…we won’t do it again!  Trust us!

“Well, I have some people in my constituency that actually rob your banks.  And they say the same thing.  They’re sorry.  They didn’t mean it. They won’t do it again.  Just let ’em out.

“Do you understand that this is a little difficult  for my constituents to take that you’ve learned your lesson!!!”

And on and on goes Capuano dripping with proper contempt.

Just a side note, but what was up at about one minute into the video with Barney Frank saying, “We need some oral.” I’m just saying.


9 thoughts on “Crushing on Capuano

  1. Contempt is warranted. As are prosecutions. And nationalization, which Obama indicated was off the table in an interview I saw last night.

    Doing some writing over at Corrente. Posting my good stuff there and at LiA for the next couple of weeks.


    Part 1 of 3. I would love your opinion as a writer whenever you have a sec. — leave it on the top thread over at PBP if you’d prefer.

  2. He was AWESOME!!!
    Gene’O brings up a good point on the prosecution angle … can’t the banks be charged with fraud or misappropriation of funds???


  3. This credit default swaps business is teflon scam artistry at its best. They just made a whole NEW version of banking which was as of yet unregulated… when the ponzi scheme comes to a crashing halt, they ask for Jo Bluecollars taxmoney…

    what utter fuckery…. I’m glad somebody’s going after them… unfortunately, bankers are the sort of spineless moneygrubbers that’ll simply find some NEW way to avoid regulation…

    what gets me though, far more than anything.. is this sense many of these CEO’s have that they’ve done nothing wrong… this sense of moral entitlement…. wtf? ARGH!.. bankers and lawyers will be the tools by which this country is undone….

    MAN! this got my blood boiling…

    One Love,
    –Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

    ps. i’m so down for some federal level prosecution of these guys… i’m talking about federal prosecution for anyone who even sat on the board of any of these companies, maybe even all executive directors and VPs as well…. they ALL made those absurdly large (fraudulent) bonuses…. shouldn’t they ALL have to pay the piper?

  4. HA! And the church said AMEN!

    Thank you Rep. Michael Capuano. That’s what I’m talking about. I would have thrown in some finger pointing and more animation to the outrage, but you got our point across.

    Community Banks tend to do a better job than many of their larger regional and national counterparts.

  5. Mikey Capuano looks like he’s wearing a rug… he was always a bit contemptuous of people, even when he was just a mayor of the major eastern massholechusetts city of scummerville.

    Never liked him, especially when I lived there.

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