Any story about the human capacity for love, I’m all about it.  (Plus, Valentine’s Day is coming! 😉 )

It’s a touching thing to watch former Klansman Elwin Wilson apologizing to the “whole world” for beating Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) long ago.  Lewis says Wilson is the only man who has ever sought his forgiveness.

The young Lewis orchestrated sit-ins, bus boycotts, and non-violent protests in the fight for Civil Rights.  He suffered brutal beatings by angry mobs and had his skull fractured by Alabama State troopers as he led a march of 600 people in Selma, Alabama in 1965.


14 thoughts on “Ex KKK Gains Forgiveness From Lewis

  1. I saw that last night. It was kind of great. Recent events have certainly vindicated all the sacrifices made by the people at the forefront of the civil rights movement. Took a while, but better late than never, for sure.

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  3. John Lewis is really an amazing person.
    And, while I applaud Elwin Wilson for (finally) doing the right thing — anyone who has ever had the pleasure of meeting Rep. Lewis will tell you they are not shocked by his magnanimity.

    I can remember interviewing him – along with Julian bond and the late J.L. Chestnut – years ago for a piece I was part of regarding the Southern Poverty Law Center and words like awe-inspiring, forthright and forgiving don’t even begin to do him justice.

    The story is all about Lewis’ capacity for love … but then, so has his life been …

  4. This is why biographies are so much better than vignettes. 😉

    The Congressman’s sentiments on grace and love are spot on. He lives what he preaches.

  5. Cookie, he’s one of those people that would pull the rug out from under my journo instincts. I’d probably try to hug him, cry like a baby, and be hauled off by security.

  6. Well, on a sort of similar but not really note …
    When I was at SportsLine we had a ‘reporter’ who had to interview Monica Seles (when she was relevant) and actually gushed at one point “Oh Monica! You’re so awesome!!!”

    Needless to say, she didn’t last long …

  7. Yeah. Monica wouldn’t a done it for me. Relevant or not. It’s so easy to put on the mantle of “fuck-you-guys-gimme-a-good-sound-bite.”

  8. yeah — although sometimes you get those once-in-a-lifetime nuggets that you can’t help laughing at … like the time Keyshawn Johnson abruptly left a chat while on board his agent’s boat by saying ‘Laytah – I gotta pee’


  9. Thanks for the video/info. I’m glad to see that even dyed in the wool people who have done evil against others, can change. It is a statement about the capacity of humans for growth and change.

    John Lewis has always been an awesome man. In the heart of Georgia when the religious, homophobic rhetoric reaches a feverish pitch (as it does) – John Lewis (and usually only John) will step up and say it is wrong. It doesn’t matter if he stands alone. He seems to do what is right and humane. I lurve John Lewis.

    This post also reminds me that I’m falling short of the person I’d like to be. I have left the wounding from my life begin to turn me bitter around the edges. Though I’m not mean, I can taste the bitterness rising to the surface. I’m going to have to do some self evaluation.

    Thanks writechic.

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