Awesomest Sculpture Ever

The Kiss by Rodin: Awesomest Sculpture Ever

Where was I when they were calling for test subjects!  Damn the luck.

Scientists at Layfayette College in the big PA learn that kissing is super healthy.  Locking lips reduces a stress hormone called cortisol in both men and women.  And as a bonus, guys get a spike of oxytocin which is a hormone linked to social bonding.

Dr. Helen Fisher of Rutgers adds that sharing cooties boosts your immunity.  And British scientists say chocolate is no proper substitute for a romantic partner.  The physiological response from chocolate withers in comparison to a good, old-fashioned smooch.  Romantic love promotes an effect in our brains that’s like cocaine.

Yay kissing!  Yay science!


7 thoughts on “Making Out in the Name of Science

  1. SPLC. Dude. The dream employer.

    (oh, and step away from the chocolate kisses, and find yourself a wench…for your health!)

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