Don't Tell about Torture
US blackmails UK over torture evidence

Good God!

Imagine this exchange between my imaginary best friend and me:

Friend: Writechic, I’m totally going to have to throw you under the bus to the court for that whole tying up your ex and taking a razor blade to his goods.

Writechic: Oh, I understand. You can’t lie after all. But it’s really going to suck for you when I get wind of your ex being let out. And when he makes all his plans and plots to blow up your house. Well, guess I’ll just have to forget to tell you about that.

Friend: Wait. You put me in this position.  You’d let me die because I’m being asked to tell the truth?

Writechic: Damn fucking skippy.”

The British government said that the US threatened to withhold intelligence if evidence of the torture of a UK citizen at Guantanamo Bay is released.  This prisoner’s story is particularly disturbing.

Here’s an excerpt from UK MP Ed Davey on February 5, 2009:


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