Got your popcorn?

I’ve been hoping for a good old-fashioned shunning if Dick Cheney never spends any time in a prison cell.  Cheney is not going quietly away into the dark night (his element) as evidenced by the sitdown he recently had with Politico which was WAY too long.  ( I happen to prefer crazy and evil in very small portions…and in books.  Anyway.)

Lawrence Scoop O’Donnell brings word on the former Vice President from his buddies:

Either he is a pathoglical liar or he is completely unhinged.  His friends prefer to think he’s unhinged.”

“When he’s cornered that’s when he tells his worst and most outrageous lies”

Having the mainstream press speak so freely about Cheney is certainly refreshing.  I wonder if Harry M. Whittington is the one who threw Cheney under the bus to O’Donnell.

And remember February 11th is the very special 3rd anniversary of Dick Cheney Shoots a 78-Year-Old Man in the Face Day.


6 thoughts on “Friends Hope Cheney’s a Whack Job

  1. Very refreshing indeed to see the words lie, lying and liar stuck right where they belong.

    I wish they would do a financial audit of Cheney to see how much money he made off the Iraq war. Wouldn’t that be a way to finally put him behind bars, sort of like getting Al Capone on tax evasion? Probably not – free enterprise and all that.

  2. Friends can hope, but conservatives don’t much believe in the insanity defense, right? Maybe he didn’t seem like Dr. Evil to his friends earlier on because that was before he had his very own puppet president to play with.

  3. How many more times is this guy going to admit to condoning torture before he is handcuffed?

    And what happened to the “I’m going to get out of public life and go fishing.” Go, then, Dick. Another freakin’ lie, of course.

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