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This won’t happen quickly enough for me!

Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-House Judiciary Committee) walks us through what’s in store for Karl I-Don’t-Even-Have-To-Obey-the-Law-You-Cocksuckers!! Rove.

  1. Rove fails to show up for hearing.
  2. The Committee then the whole House votes on a contempt citation.
  3. The contempt citation is then given to the U.S. Attorney “whose duty it shall be” to deliver to the Grand Jury….according to law.

There’s no reason to believe the 111th Congress with a Democratic uber majority will do less than the pissant majority of the 110th!  They cited Miers and Rove.  By law, the U.S. Attorney must prosecute and enforce the subpoena.

This is not inherent contempt.  This is straight up contempt.  There will be no fancy legal maneuvers before Rove is arrested.  Rove goes to court then sits in jail (Gimme a “HELL YEAH!!!”) until he testifies.


6 thoughts on “Let the Rove Prosecution Begin!!!

  1. I have no sympathy for Rove if he gets thrown in jail. No one has the right to ignore a subpoena, even if they do have executive privilege.

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  3. Why isn’t Rove nervous? Has someone already told him that it has all been taken care of? Why is he not being a good boy if he knows he is going to jail? Am I asleep?

    If I’m not asleep, Hell Yeah!

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