Today’s biggest mother fucker is pro-sadist weenie John Yoo.  Yoo is appalled, appalled I say, that Obama has dared to undo Bush torture policies.  Here are some other MFs worth highlighting.

  • A scrappy Ohio prosecutor gets down to the bottom of the state’s massive, widespread, democracy-crushing voter fraud scheme which dominated Fox News coverage during the 2008 election.  It was one dude. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters subpoenaed records and found one guy from Connecticut had voted twice, but he told on himself.  He was fined and sentenced back in December.
  • German prosecutors are weighing whether or not to file a hate crime lawsuit against the reinstated Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson who called the murder of Jews in gas chambers “lies, lies, lies.” Germany doesn’t play.  It’s a crime to deny the Holocaust.
  • Not one single House Republican voted for the nearly $820 billion stimulus package.   Oh!  but that’s right…their numbers are so few, who gives a fuck. The bill now goes to the Senate and could pick up bipartisan support.
  • And finally, Vladimir Putin makes a great ass of himself at the World Economic Forum in Davos.  Dell’s CEO praised Russia’s mad technical and scientific skillz:

Dell CEO: “How can we help [you to expand IT in Russia.]”

Putin: “We don’t need help.  We are not invalids.  We don’t have limited mental capacity.”

Just limited manners.


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