Karl Rove’s little bitch ass will end up in front of Congress according to Harper’s legal editor Scott Horton.

Senate Committee approves the nomination of the new Attorney General: Check.

Horton appeared on Democracy Now saying Rove will end up in front of Congress or go to jail for contempt…which means he’ll end up in front of congress.  Rove can’t dodge it this time because a federal judge has already ruled that subpoena ditching is ::hello?:: bullshit.  Obama’s counsel won’t buck the ruling.

Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman also made an appearance reiterating his story of being pursued CONVENIENTLY just before the democratic primary by Karl Rove’s BFF Leura Canary…the U.S. Attorney in Alabama’s Middle District.

Meanwhile back at the media whore mecca…

Bill O’Lielly joshes around and offers Rove a place to hide from Congress.  Because politicizing the Department of Justice is just a big, fat, fucking joke.

Rove is scheduled to appear before Congress on February 2nd.


7 thoughts on “Rove Will Testify…Oh, Yes, he will testify

  1. Fuck yeah!

    How embarassing was it the first time Rove ditched a subpeone, from Congress no less…

    spew… there’s so much dirt on Rove, everybody knows it… the question is, who’s willing to face the blowback?

    I hate the fact that the RNC is trying to make this seem like a partisan attack. HELLO?! He manipulated the FEDERAL JUSTICE SYSTEM, to STEAL AN ELECTION?!

    Dude, if that’s a partisan issue, then I’m glad I’m on the side of the people who think stealing elections and destroying democracy is …. you know, WRONG.

    Here’s hoping the bacon fries hard.

    One Love, One Struggle,
    –Reverend Manny

  2. Did you hear that O’Lielly segment???? Rove compared Conyers to Ahab and himself to Moby Dick. It wasn’t long ago he was comparing himself to Grendal of Beowulf.

    The hearing will awesome. Rove stutters a lot and sweats when he’s uncomfortable. Note to self: pick up more microwave popcorn

  3. Where’s your inner Tony Robbins, dude? If you think it, shit happens. 😉

    I’m driving Horton’s comments to their rational conclusion…I attribufied it.

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