GOP Operation
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Poor Republicans.

Such is the magnitude of their party identity crisis they have called a big tête-à-tête to answer the question:  why does everyone think we suck?

Confused GOPers have gathered for a four day seminar (quite a long time to talk about sucking) at the Capitol Hilton in D.C.  The theme is “Republican for a Reason,” though no one can seem to articulate passed that.

One Republican got all crotchedy, “there’s kind of a ‘Kumbaya’ feeling in the country” since Obama.

And former aide to Trent Lott said the group means to do some soul searching.  

Hahahahahaha…forget about it.


6 thoughts on “GOP Operation Game

  1. Oh, Cheney’s got that covered. He going to suck out the souls of Girl Scouts and drop them off at the conference.

  2. dammit hgalloway took my comment, lol…

    It’s scary how hard some of the right wingers are fighting to change Bush’s history into one of success. Revisionist much?

    If you’re a real republican, it’s time to leave the party. For me as a devoted Lefty, that moment came for me when Al Gore ran as dickless Willie Clinton. Ugh…

    Republicans are at their worst because they catered to the worst elements of their party. (whatever their version of the Blue Dogs are)…

    Keep up the sharp blogging.

    One Love,
    –Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

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