Bay City Electric Light and Power
Pay up…or die!!! h/t Cookie!

(BAY CITY, Michigan, USA)  A Michigan coroner says 93-year-old Marvin E. Schur died “a slow and painful death” alone in his own home.     Bay City Electric Power and Light blames Schur’s neighbors for his death.    BCEP&L spokesman and  A#1 Prick Robert Belleman is tired of repeating himself (especially to all you poor ass, elderly fucks who don’t pay your bills):

I’ve said this before and some of my colleagues have said this: Neighbors need to keep an eye on neighbors.  When they think there’s something wrong, they should contact the appropriate agency or city department.”

I guess BCEP&L is just too fucking stupid to figure out that temperatures around zero can kill people without heat.    Well,  BCEP&L is now under investigationYeah, right.

Bay City’s cocksucker Mayor Charles cocksucker Brunner laments that the 93-year-old veteran did not pick himself up by the old bootstraps,

It’s just unfortunate that this gentleman didn’t reach out.  We would have been there. We would have pointed him in the right direction or put him on some sort of payment plan.”

Neighbors who found Schur said there was ice on the windows inside the home.


18 thoughts on “Your Money or Your Life…93-Year-Old Freezes to Death After Power Cut Off

  1. wow…. wtf?

    nothing like a reminder of the fact that despite the Supreme Court’s granting of personhood to corporations and companies, they are still completely and utterly fucking soul-less

    that cocks—, er, mayor can suck a fat one…

    one love,
    –Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

  2. You hideous profit motivated bastards! You had the guys name, birth date, all of that! Are you so damn ignorant that you could not figure out a 93 year old VETERAN no less might be forgetful and need some help? But, hell no, you miserable assholes killed him!

    You lie with the sewer slugs you pathetic excuses for human beings.

  3. I hope you are happy Michigan Power and Light. You have killed someone who made it possible for you to exist..I hope you f***ing ROT in Hell! You are the lowest form of scum.

  4. i believe it’s the city that owns the power company. they should be ashamed of themselves. does the city seal say i am my neighbors’ keeper on it? were they responsible for checking to see if the old man’s power was working? should we become a nation of peeping toms so we know exactly what’s going on in everyone else’s house? the only things colder than poor mr. schur’s house are the hearts of the people responsible for turning off the old man’s electricity in the dead of winter.

    i read that mr. schur doesn’t have any relatives. i hope to hell that the city that killed him doesn’t take over ownership of his house.

  5. I have been trying to find contact information on this spawn of Satan, Robert Belleman, but having no luck. Would be nice to see his email full of notes titled “How Does It Feel To Get Away With Murder, Mr. Belleman?” Any help on his email address would be appreciated. Will report back if I find it first!

  6. Ok, I looked a little harder and found the email of the Bay City Manager, Robert Belleman who’s quote appears at the end of most of the AP articles (Keep an eye on your neighbors, blahblahblah).

    It is rbelleman@baycitymi.org

    What say we all drop him a little note to say how proud we all are that a man in his position in a small town in America knows how to “do the right thing” and let a 93 year old man freeze to death because he didn’t have a $1000 laying around to pay his bills on time.

  7. You murderous sons-a-bitches!!! May you all FREEZE in hell! Heartless bastards, the Mayor ought to be shot! He blames the neighbors? Did his next door neighbor rig the power limiter? Sorry Michigan city!

  8. This is positively maddening!!!

    I found your post when I was looking up Robert Belleman and trying to figure out what kind of man would blame neighbors?

    What a freaking injustice to the poor man who died.

  9. This is disgraceful! How could they not do a police department “wellness checks” before turning off power on nonpaying customers?! That is totally negligent of the power company and the City government for not having laws in place to prevent this!!! This is the equivalent of letting someone live and die on the cold streets in the winter or overheating in 100 degree plus temperature in the summer. The elderly are the most vulnerable and these conditions can have a direct impact on them…knowing this, having elderly customers, and making money off of them like anyone else…the electric company should be sensitive to their susceptibility.

  10. Well, they got the hell rid of Blagogovich..another damn lying piece of crap, so Belleman..maybe you should just vacate your office before Justice kicks your ass into the next world.

  11. Robert Belleman MUST be executed for first degree murder. He is worse than the judges in Wilkes Barre, PA who jailed kids for money, at least they did not exterminate them.

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