Republicans are freaking out that Guantanamo prisoners will enter facilities on American soil and want to kill Americans, unlike our current inmate population of jaywalkers and Boy Scouts like Charles Manson. Stewart consoles the Grand Old Pussies, “I’d put an old-fashioned, born and raised in the USA, brain-eater against any of those mother fuckers!!!”

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5 thoughts on “Guantanamo Baywatch

  1. I saw half of that interview. I need to watch the end. I’m dying to know if Stewart asked about the pissy-ness between him and Bill Clinton.

  2. god damn it… is there anything the Grand old Punks won’t say to try and scare people into their line of thinking?

    sometimes i stand aghast and realize we’re all just fighting a battle of wits against an unarmed man…

    keep up the great posts…

    one love,
    —the notorious r.e.v. so mighty

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