But I don’t want to go among mad people,” said Alice.  “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the cat. “We’re all mad here.

From The White House

Well over a half million people have viewed President Obama’s weekly address (1/24/09) already.

Naturally unfettered public access amounts to a “Woo, Woo!  All aboard the Crazy Train.”

Why is it crazy, hate, and bad spelling all go together!

its wal marts flat kill the idoits”  (fucking huh??)

“This is rediculous. We are already TRILLIONS in debt.   How are we going to afford this, Obongo?”  (Nice to see a racist remark tempered by ignorance in spelling.  A deficit in character is somehow only exacerbated by a deficit in one’s mother tongue.  You know this guy is all: Lern Inglish, yuo fouraners!)

“lol obama has definetly got the ideas of a 12 year old” (LOL…you’re definitely stupid.)

“Fix crysis fast!  Please!  Crysis is BAD!”  (Sigh)

“Why aren’t their any dissenting comments on this board? Do I sense censorshipt?”  (Since the comment section was replete with dissension, I can only assume the commenter is using a word he doesn’t understandt [sic].)

“I love Obama groupies your so ignorant and uneducated.”  (Okay, kids, note to selves:  check spelling when calling folks ignorant.)

“Funny you would mention bananas. We do have a black president you know.”  (Danger, danger, Will Robinson.  A bigot who can spell.)

“Please stop praising our President for just being president.  prasie him went he does something.  He has not done anything yet. Let us see what he does and if it helps or hurts our contury first.”   (Shhhh.  Go read a book.)

–Very Precious Moments among the YouTube commenters

The White House YouTube page had the option of disabling comments.  Aesthetically it would have been a brilliant idea.  Freedom of Speech got the better of the new administration.  And why not draw out the crazies and haters?  The administration probably views it as sucking the poison up from a festering, pussed up wound:

Sincerely HOPE the NSA, FBI and (why not?) the CIA are monitoring the heck out of this comment stream, and profiling up a storm.”   –very annoyed YouTube commenter

Many of the comments were “normal.”   Many came from people abroad sending good wishes America’s way.  Now that’s change.


9 thoughts on “Obama YouTube Page Allows Comments

  1. I surfed through 3,000 comments and grabbed the worst. If real ignorance cannot be educated, then at least it should be pointed to and laughed at…in little “d” democratic fashion.

    Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. I like the Lewis Carroll reference. It pretty much sums up diving into a democracy. It’s hard to choose a favorite ignorant passage with them all being so rediculous [sic]. 😉

  3. This is amazing and sad at the same time. The internet is a great resource, but it also has been one of the worst things to come to our language. I fight everyday as a professor to stop students from sending emails to me without proper sentence structure & spelling errors.

    It’s also sad that the web has given people an outlet to express hate and bigotry.

  4. Hi, Wiscombe and Moonstar! Thanks for the visits.

    Moonstar, I spent the entire 6th grade diagramming sentences. As much as I hated it, I learned something. There’s certainly something to be gained in demanding students master their language.

    Are bigots the new poor in that they will always be with us? Maybe. I just look forward to shrinking their numbers.

  5. I know that YouTube ordeal blows. I guess it doesn’t help the slightest if I mention how adorable your avatar is.

  6. ” prasie him went he does”

    did you save that one fer me?I get a little meticulous about spelling too.
    reading that made my eyes want to bleed.I might check that out.

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