Russell Rhodes Gets Ass Kicked

Russell Rhodes Gets Ass Kicked

Ouch! From nerdy anchor narcissist to ass-kicked jailbird in one night!

Police in Tampa Bay, Florida say Fox Morning anchor Russell Rhodes was likkered up and had his pants and belt all undone.  And that’s why his mugshot looks like that.

Seriously, ossifers,  that sounds like an answer I’d get from my kids.

writechic: Why’s your brother crying.

writechic’s kid: Because he took my toy.”

Police say Rhodes played keepaway with his “keys” which required the deputy to ever so gently place the morning show guy on the ground and softly cuff his dainty wrists.

Rhodes was taken to the hospital and treated for that mess you see in the photo.

A DUI investigation is underway.

Oh, and an Internal Affairs one, too.


7 thoughts on “Anchor Gets Ass Kicked

  1. He looks a lot sexier having his ass handed to him than in the news glamor shot. He makes the life of crime look work. I’m getting the Russell Crowe vibe.

  2. Worst case scenario–He’ll probably make a self-promoting documentary about the experience and get a damn raise.

    I worked at this station where invariably whenever a “fuck” went over the air, the fuck speaker got a promotion.

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