Karl Rove Says Goodbye

Karl Rove twitters a call for goodbyes to George W. Bush.   The A-#1 Super Toady has 4,000 followers on his Twitter account!

So, if you send your message of love and good will today, pop-n-fresh dough boy will pass on your note tomorrow.   With less than 24 hours of Bush’s presidency left, ya better hurry.

Guess the GOP is finally learning the power of communicating on the internets.

Just a warning…a farewell to President Bush will get you a shit load of RNC spam.


4 thoughts on “Bush Toady Summons Minions for Farewell Letters

  1. LMAO. Maybe they are planning on substituting these love letters for the long, lost White House emails. They could wall paper the new Bush library with these e-tomes.

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