I’m bracing for the best Martin Luther King Day ever.  Having the day fall on the eve of the inauguration just amplifies the awesome.

Tonight an inaugural concert will be performed at the Lincoln Memorial.  My boyfriend Bono is performing.

::moment of silence::

The Boss, Beyonce, and Shakira are also headlining the event.   Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx will read passages.  As many as 500,000 people are expected to attend.


8 thoughts on “Best MLK Day Ever!

  1. Glynn! What’s DC? Down Cahaba? I’m definitely that. 😉

    Right now I’m proofreading student papers. Party!!!

    And yeah, yeah, I’m married with a litter, but lust transcends all that.

    I’ve also visited the Fork several times today…just so ya know.

  2. I believe my father-in-law James Taylor also performed. His son Ben will be my next husband!!!

    I haven’t watched the concert yet, but I have it recorded on my DVR to watch tomorrow.

  3. On a more serious note, so many people that I know have such a bad attitude about MLK. I just don’t understand it. How could anyone be against what he stood for???

    It makes me sad.

    writechic: Cheer up Helen of Southwest of Troy! We’ve got Bono and Ben on our sides! 😉

  4. Thanks. Guess I got the impression you were going to Washington for the inauguration. Watching the Lincoln Memorial replay on C-SPAN myself now, and chasing more headlines…

    Photos just in from Pam…

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