The attention-seeking, crusty, old douchebag of rock, Ted Nugent begs Barack Obama for a job in an online editorial piece (of shit).

Pffffft…I didn’t know he could read and write.

Nugent wants to be a Drug Czar:

Call me, President Obama. Hippies, dope heads, corrupt politicos and various other human debris hate me, which makes me the perfect man for the job.  As Drug Czar, I would charge our mayors and police departments to commit to fighting the drug gangs their top priority. Our inner cities will remain war zones until we commit to taking the trash out.  –Ted Nugent, Human Events dot com

Funny.  During the summer before the election, Nugent was all “Obama, he’s a piece of shit.”  and “suck on my machine gun, [Obama].”

Now he’s all give me a job?


15 thoughts on “Ted Nugent Turns to Obama for Job

  1. fuck all you nugent haters… he’s a rock legend and one of very few people who will speak his mind OUT LOUD… He doesn’t [want] a job from our new bi-racial leader he was offering his services. He would probably be the best pick in Obama’s new Clintonite cabinet…

  2. ::applause for venmaster::

    It’s about damn time tells me, fuck you. God, knows I’m constantly telling other folks to fuck right off.

  3. I think Ted would be a great drug czar. He is pro hemp for the environment and pro medical marijuana. He also knows the harm that drugs have brought to His rock star friends. If He gets the job, His moderate views are just what America needs.

  4. GI, it certainly would bolster Obama’s proposition that it’s going to take everybody to change the nation for the good. So why the hell not.

  5. To whom it may concern, although you may not like Ted or his music or want to crack on my screen name i could care less. Chances are you know nothing about Ted the person and you have absolutely know idea who I am so I ask that you take a few minutes and view the following script (copy & past) http://www.glennbeck.com/content/articles/article/196/17507/ from Glenn Beck’s program last October which Ted was a guest on. You probably don’t know who Glenn Beck either which wouldn’t surprise me…

  6. Glenn Beck. Yep, he is certainly a genius among television clowns. Yessiree, golly. Brilliant move to Fox, too. Get all the brain rot umbrellaed under one channel so we never have to look at it except as a carnival side show.

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