Department of Just Us!
Bradley Schlozman’s Department of Just Us

Two hundred and ten pounds of irony reigned over Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice until 2007.   A just released internal report at DoJ found Bradley Schlozman worked furiously to discriminate against applicants and employees who were not right wing idealogues.  He said of a lawyer who graduated magna cum laude from a top law school and received positive performance ratings at Justice for 4 years straight, that she is an “idiot,” “an affirmative action thing,” and “writes in ebonics.”

Schlozman circulated an email quoting John Tanner, the chief of DoJ’s Voting Section, I like my coffee “Mary Frances Berry style–black and bitter.”

Yeah, this was Bush’s Civil Rights Division.

Schlozman was looking for ‘Right-Thinking Americans’ only.  Conservatives.   It’s illegal.  A crime that will not be prosecuted.  And I’d like to credit DOJ for cleaning it’s own closet, but this went on for years and only comes now as Justice’s reputation is destroyed.

Bring out Karl Rove’s head on a platter, then people will pay attention.

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4 thoughts on “Department of Just Us…Busted

  1. You know, its one thing to be a stupid assed racist (because you are stupid), but in this case it is simply jealousy of that lady’s accomplishment that set him off (it seems).

    I mean, if someone really thinks of himself as “better than another” (when they are so accomplished as she is), they damn well better have the reason to say so. He hasn’t a damn thing on that woman, except the dick he wears on his shoulders.

    As a matter of fact, she holds far more honors (albeit that he did, amazingly to me, graduate from Penn magna cum laude, as well).

    He is not stupid. Just a racist dickhead who has been bettered by a black woman.

    Sorry, dickhead. It happens.

  2. BuelahMan, Schlozman turns my stomach. It’s one thing to be a nasty bigot. It’s a whole other level of treachery to pull like minded wretches together to conspire to manipulate Justice. That this gang had an office in the Civil Rights division of DoJ…it’s such an outrage!

    Can we name a way Bush and his toadies did not abuse power?

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