Joe the Plumber busts out his Can O’ Jihad on the Israeli press pool.  Okay, they were following him around like he was some sort of big, oafish, American fail clown or a squirrel on water skis.

::Every newscast needs a kicker!::

Show ’em what you got, Joe:

You guys are media right?  Um, okay, huh, you honestly, I’m not the story here.  You guys are gonna do a good story, listen to what this guy’s gotta say.  Get it out for real.  Don’t slant it; tell the facts.  Tell the truth, you know, but honestly, I’m not real happy with any of you guys.  You know I’ll be very blunt. ”

::Reporters seem to get concerned that Joe will poop and throw it at the press pool or start masturbating::

“Uh, who you guys with?  Reuters?!  (snidely) Oh, Reuters.  How ’bout you guys?  Channel 10??  Okay.  Alright, you guys want a good story?   Right that’s why you’re here?  Alright.  One. I’m not the story.  I’m just an average guy.  The story here is people are being killed and the media’s slanting it and trying to make it Hamas is, uh, as far as, that Israel’s being bad. Do you believe Israel is bad?”   —Pajamas Media TV

::I’m turning emo if I transcribe one more line of this::

You can also see Joe high tail it to safety like a little, sissy girl after warnings that rockets had been fired in his direction.  He realizes he’s on camera, then plays it all cool…you go in front of me.  You will note in the Israeli broadcast above that the Joe the Plumber piece is delivered exactly as if Joe is some sort of big, oafish, American fail clown or a squirrel on water skis.  Even the real reporter’s inflexions seem like Jeanne Moos, CNN’s kicker queen.

So, Joe’s gone from author to new media reporter.  How do you think he’ll stretch out this eternal 15 minutes of fame?  My money’s on a Peter North movie next.


6 thoughts on “Joe the Plumber’s Can O’Jihad

  1. Wish I spoke Hebrew, because even the sign-language lady seemed to be laughing at him.

    Was I just imagining things or did anyone else notice in his body language and tone at one point how much he takes after GWB?

  2. 🙂 I saw it, Ian! And the anchors were definitely disdainful.

    His brashness is turbo charged while his intellectual heft is a horse drawn carriage. I was thinking Sarah Palin, but GWB works.

  3. Joe ought to just legally change his name to Idiot. His face pops up whenever someone utters that word. He’s like a bad accident that everyone knows they shouldn’t look at but you know how it goes. We keep looking. And that’s why pjtv hired him. Such cynicism in the media. sheesh.

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