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Monday in Bush’s final press conference, he falsely equated a successful, rapid response with the removal of 30,000 people from their roof tops after the levees broke.  I touched on this earlier, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reviews the public record.

Here’s the reality:

  • National Guard arrived 2 days after the flooding
  • It took 6 days for FEMA to organize buses out of the city
  • FEMA ice trucks meant to provide relief were rerouted to Georgia, SC, and Maine
  • Those stranded had no food or water.
  • FEMA Dir. Michael Brown was not apprised of survivors stranded at the Convention Center.
  • Bush ate cake and played country music star while these Americans faced catastrophic suffering
  • Foreign aid was never utilized
  • Chertoff did not know for days that the levees broke

Rachel interviews Jed Horne, a newspaper editor who won a Pulitzer for his Katrina coverage:


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