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Just in time for 2009, Coulter gets her trap unhinged.

And former Arkansas Governor and Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee gets his own platform on Fox News.   He tries to make an “honest” man of Ann Coulter by spending a full segment on the nastiness she heaped on him during the campaign.   Two conservatives goin’ at it amounts to a big, butt-kissing fest in the end.

And I guess Coulter got new clothes for Christmas because I haven’t seen the little, black cocktail dress in her recent book publicity tour.


8 thoughts on “Huckabee and Coulter Goin’ At It

  1. I understand that there are some men who consider mAnn beautiful. Can that be explained without using the word “insane”?

    mAnn is so irrelevant.

    Huckabee showed what a fake, media clown he is.

  2. I know this site is just horrible. If I had my way, all of these libtards would be sentenced to Liberty University for a decade. Who needs science and a critique of unreason when there is Jesus. Amen.

  3. All kidding aside, Alice, (this is my serious face), I think Huckabee comes off that way because he is attacking his foe on his own turf. It’s kind of slimy to invite someone as a guest (under the pretense of her peddling her book) and then go all ape shit on her.

  4. I do believe Ann Coulter, is classy lady, is only right to be respectful ,because Mike Huckabee you invited her to your show. during the primary on 2008 every candidate say thing that they do not mean to say it everyone is forgiven. Thank you

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